May I have your name? (Beginner) 您贵姓?(初级)

Business Chinese: 您贵姓 (Nín guìxìng)? May I have your name? (Beginner)

This phrase is often used in formal context (for instance, in business Chinese).

The Chinese character “您 (nín)” shows more respect than “你 (nĭ).”

It is often used in business Chinese to call those who are older or have higher ranks.

Example :

(Learn a simple dialogue in business Chinese)

Jiàn dào nín fēicháng róngxìng! Nín guìxìng?
A: 见   到   您    非常        荣幸!    您    贵姓?
It’s a great honor to meet you! May I have your name?

Miǎn guì xìng Wáng. Wǒ yě hěn gāoxìng rènshi nín!
B: 免      贵 姓     王。    我 也   很    高兴     认识    您!
Yes, my surname is Wang. Nice to meet you too!

Note: 免贵姓…is the polite reply to …贵姓 in business Chinese. “贵 (guì)” means honored.

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