New Movie-夜店(yèdiàn)One Night in Supermarket

夜店(yèdiàn) One Night in Supermarket


夜店 (yèdiàn) One Night in Supermarket is a new movie (released on July 24th, 2009) that has been receiving rave reviews. Because the production costs were low, but the gross was high, this film has widely become known as “The Gross Dark Horse.”

Why is it so popular?

Here’s a short synopsis of the movie.

In this film, a group of people come across each other in a 24-hour supermarket one night, causing a string of interlocking, interesting and funny stories to happen.

徐峥 (Xú Zhēng) Xu Zheng and 乔任梁 (Qiáo Rènliáng) Qiao Renliang play a pair of kidnappers who eventually change dramatically into “good brothers” as they share ups and downs together.

Humorous quotes from One Night in Supermarket:

Gē! Gēmenr yào huǒ la!
哥! 哥们儿   要  火  啦!
Brother! I’m going to be famous!

Qīn’àide, nĭ mànmàn fēi, xiǎoxīn qiánmiàn dài cì de méiguī…
亲爱的,你   慢慢    飞,小心      前面      带 刺 的  玫瑰 …
Darling, please fly slowly and carefully, and watch out for thorned roses in front of you…

Bù duō shuō le, wǒ tuī máng.
不   多   说    了,我  忒  忙。
Don’t talk so much, I am very busy.

110 de diànhuà hàomǎ shì duōshǎo?
110 的    电话     号码   是    多少?
What’s the phone number of 110 (emergency services)?

生词(shēngcí) Vocabulary:

n fire, here it means getting famous.


(dài cì de méiguī) n rose with thorns, here it means all kinds of beautiful, but dangerous things.


adv very(a dialect)


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