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男生如何邀请女生 When a Boy Invites a Girl (Intermediate)

May. 26, 2010

Chinese Conversation (Intermediate)

男生如何邀请女生 (Nánshēng rúhé yāoqĭng nǚshēng) When a Boy Invites a Girl


        Zuìjìn máng shénme ne?
Boy: 最近    忙       什么    呢? 


        What have you been busy doing recently?                

        Kuài kăoshì le, mángzhe fùxí  ne!  Zhè jĭ tiān yìzhí mái zài shūduī lĭ  ne!
Girl: 快     考试    了, 忙 着  复习 呢!这 几 天 一直   埋 在   书堆里  呢! 


        Exams are approaching, and I'm busy reviewing the books to prepare for them. I'm buried in a pile of books these days.                

         Nĭ yě  tài yònggōng le  ba! Xiàwŭ chūqù sànbù, zěnme yàng?
Boy: 你 也 太      用功     了  吧!下午    出去     散步,怎么     样?


        You're too serious about your studies! What about going for a walk this afternoon?                

        Wǒ kě méiyǒu nĭ nàyàng de xiánqíngyìzhì!
Girl: 我   可   没有    你 那样     的   闲情逸致! 


        I don't have the leisure time and carefree mood as you do.                 

         Bié a!   Nĭ méi tīngshuō "zhĭ gōngzuò  bù wánshuă cōngmíng háizi yě biànshă" ma?
Boy: 别 啊!你 没    听说     “只    工作     不     玩耍        聪明     孩子 也    变傻” 吗?        
         Nĭ nándào xiăng biànchéng shăzi ma?                 
        你 难道      想      变成          傻子   吗?


        Oh, come on. Haven't you ever heard "All work and no play make Jack a fool?" Do you want to become a fool?              

        Nà hăo ba!  Wǒ kě bùxiăng bèi nĭ shuō chéng shăzi.  Wǒmen chūqù sànbù ba!
Girl: 那 好  吧! 我 可 不想       被 你 说      成      傻子。  我们      出去   散步  吧! 


        Ok! I don't want to be called a fool. Let's go for a walk!

生词 (shēngcí) Vocabulary:


最近 (zuìjìn): adv. recently

认真 (rènzhēn): adj. be serious


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What I dont understand is how youre not even more popular than you are now. Youre just so intelligent. You know so much about this subject, made me think about it from so many different angles. Its like people arent interested unless it has something to do with Lady Gaga! Your stuffs great. Keep it up!

Moving and powerful! Youve certainly got a way of reaching people that I havent seen very often. If most people wrote about this subject with the eloquence that you just did, Im sure people would do much more than just read, theyd act. Great stuff here. Please keep it up.


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