Mini-test Answer: 面包 (miànbāo) (Beginner)

Beginner Level 初级 (chūjí)

Correct answer: B


A.  “饼干 (bĭnggān)” is the word for “Biscuit.”

B.  “面包 (miànbāo)” is the word for “Bread.”

C.  “巧克力 (qiăokèlì)” is the word for “Chocolate.”

D.  “大米 (dàmĭ)” is the word for “Rice.”

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  1. Robert Birch

    I thought the word for rice was typically “mi fan” or if it is white rice “bai fan”. Typically in East Asia the rice is white, so I often say “bai fan”. What is the “da” or big doing there? Does it mean big rice? I don’t think so but I cannot imagine another meaning. Thanks. Robert

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