Muslim Ramadan

Muslim Ramadan
Ramadan refers to the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. It is called Ramadan in Arabic. According to Islamic doctrine, Ramadan is a grand, festive, auspicious, and noble month.because it was this month that Allah handed down the Koran to Muslims.

1. Ramadan

The beginning and end of Ramadan are based on the appearance of the new crescent moon. The Imam looks into the sky from the Xuanli tower of the mosque. If he sees the slender crescent moon, Ramadan begins.
Due to the different times of seeing the crescent moon, the time of entering Ramadan in different Islamic countries is not exactly the same. At the same time, because the Islamic calendar has about 355 days a year, which is about 10 days different from the Gregorian calendar, Ramadan has no fixed time in the Gregorian calendar.

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During Ramadan, every day from the beginning of light in the east to sunset adult Muslims must strictly enforce their fasting except for the sick, people traveling, nursing babies, pregnant women, lactating womenmenstruating women ,, and soldiers in battle. Muslims without these restrictions do not eat or drink, do not smoke, do not have sexual relations, etc. It is not until the sun goes down that people have meals, and then they have fun or visit relatives and friends, as if celebrating the new year.
For more than one billion Muslims in the world, Ramadan is the holiest month of the year. During Ramadan, since Muslims do not eat or drink from sunrise to sunset it is an expression of their self-sacrifice. During this period, Muslims read the Qur’an and pray.


zhāi  yuè  lǐ ,mù  sī  lín  měi  tiān  líng  chén sān  diǎn  dào  xià  wǔ  sì  diǎn fēng  zhāi  (bù  chī  bù  hē ),rì   luò  xīng  xiàn  hòu  ,cái  néng  yǐn  chá  jìn  cān
斋     月   里 , 穆  斯  林    每    天    凌     晨    三    点    到   下   午    四    点     封    斋   (不   吃    不   喝),日   落    星     现     后, 才     能   饮   茶   进    餐。
During Ramadan, Muslims fast (do not eat or drink) from 03:00 to 16:00 every day. After sunset, they can drink and eat.

2. Eid al Fitr

The second day after the end of Ramadan is the Muslim Eid al Fitr. People usually have three days off for the festivals. People have to go to the mosque for worship, and their relatives and friends can visit each other. Many young men and women will specially arrange a grand wedding at this time, which adds a merry atmosphere to the festival.
Eid al Fitr is one of the two major Islamic festivals. It is a day of universal celebration in the whole Muslim world. Everyone sends greetings to each other: “Eid Mubarak!”.
On this day, Muslims wear festival costumes, attend Festival meetings, visit each other, praise Allah’s grace and compassion, and celebrate the successful completion of the annual second major commandment, the end of Ramadan.

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On this day, Islam stipulates that every Muslim must fulfill a social obligation whilef holding religious ceremonies. that includes donating money for the Eid al Fitr, so that every Muslim can have a happy and sucessful festival. This donation is to help the poor, which will make up for the deficiency of this day, so that they will not rush off to the festivities but will instead share the happiness of the festival with their Muslim compatriots. Music makes every Muslim enjoy the warmth of religion and the friendship between them which reflects the civilization of human society.


zhāi   yuè  jié  shù  hòu  de  dì  èr  tiān ,  jiù  shì  mù  sī  lín  de  kāi  zhāi  jié
斋     月   结    束    后   的   第   二   天,  就   是    穆   斯   林  的  开   斋    节。
The second day after Ramadan is the Muslim Eid al Fitr.

3. Special tips for non Muslims during Ramadan

During Ramadan, people who go to Arab and Islamic countries for visits and business activities must pay attention to the period from sunrise to sunsetwhen Muslims fast since they can not smoke, drink or eat in the streets or public places. Otherwise, they will be regarded by Muslims as not respecting their religious customs and may even be punished or detained in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf countries. In Saudi Arabia and Abu Dhabi, restaurants are not allowed to open during Ramadan. In the restaurants of luxury hotels in Dubai, people can eat and smoke, but they are not allowed to drink.

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In view of the low efficiency during the day in the Gulf Arab countries during Ramadan, people are often not available. Therefore, those who conduct business investigations and business negotiation should avoid visiting during Ramadan as much as possible.


wǒ  men  yào  cóng  cuò  wù  zhōng  xī  qǔ  jiào  xùn ,  bì   miǎn   yǐ   hòu    zài     fàn    zhè   zhǒng    cuò   wù
我     们     要      从     错   误      中     吸   取     教    训, 避     免     以     后    再      犯     这       种        错      误。
We should learn from our mistakes and avoid repeating them in the future.

chuán  zhǎng  jǐn   jǐn  dì  wò  zhe  chuán  duò ,bì   kāi   yí   gè   yòu   yí   gè   àn   jiāo
船         长        紧   紧  地    握   着      船     舵,  避   开  一  个   又   一    个    暗    礁。
The captain held the rudder tightly, avoiding one reef after another.

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