Mandarin Time Words: “the Day Before Yesterday” vs. “the Day After Tomorrow”

Please choose the correct answer to fill in the blanks.
Jīntiān shì xīngqīsān, ___ shì xīngqīyī, ___   shì xīngqīwǔ.
今天    是   星期三, ___  是    星期一, ___ 是  星期五。
Today is Wednesday. The day before yesterday was Monday. The day after tomorrow will be Friday.
A. 昨天(zuótiān), 后天(hòutiān)

B. 前天(qiántiān), 明天(míngtiān)

C. 昨天(zuótiān), 明天(míngtiān)

D. 前天(qiántiān), 后天(hòutiān)

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