Making Your Chinese Vocabulary More Powerful with 强(qiáng)!


Today we are going to learn a very common word, one you might even use daily. In Chinese, the character “强 (qiáng)” means strong, powerful, or better. It can also be used when ranking things. For example, with “前 (qián)+ Number + 强 (qiáng),” the meaning of changes from strong to the top ranking within the specified number , such as “前三强 (qián sān qiáng) the top three” or “前十强 (qián shí qiáng) the top ten.”


Wò’ěrmǎ shì shìjiè qián wǔ bǎi qiáng qǐyè zhī yī.
沃尔玛     是 世界   前   五  百    强   企业 之 一。
Wal-mart is one of the world’s top five hundred enterprises.
Jìnrù qián sān qiáng de rén kěyǐ qù guówài péixùn.
进入   前   三    强    的 人  可以 去  国外     培训。
The top three can go abroad for training.

HSK 3 quiz

1. What does “前三强 (qián sān qiáng)” mean?
A. Top 3
B. Bottom 3
C. No. 3

Business Chinese
General Chinese (Beginner Level)
General Chinese (Intermediate Level)

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