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Looking for Double Happiness (Beginner)

Jul. 21, 2010

Are you looking for “Mr. or Mrs. Right?”

Key Learning Points (Preview): 男朋友 (nánpéngyou): n. boyfriend

喜欢 (xǐhuan): v. to like

谈恋爱 (tánliàn’ài): v. to fall in love

Chinese Conversation (Part I):

A:  Zhōumò wǎnshang yí gè rén zài jiā kàn diànshì duō wúliáo a!

A:    周末      晚上     一 个 人   在 家  看      电视   多 无聊    啊!

A:   It is boring to spend the weekend watching TV alone at home.

B:  Shì a, yīnggāi ràng nǐ nánpéngyou péi nǐ chūqu liūda liūda.

B:  是啊, 应该    让    你     男朋友     陪 你   出去  溜达 溜达。

B:   Yes, you should ask your boyfriend to accompany you to take a walk outside.

A:  Èn, wǒ yě shì zhèyàng xiǎng de.

A:  嗯,  我 也 是   这样      想     的。

A:  Mmm, I think so too.

Chinese Conversation (Part II):

A:  Zěnmeyàng cái néng zhǎodào yígè zìjǐ xǐhuan de rén ne?

A:  怎么样        才   能      找到     一个自己 喜欢  的 人   呢?

A:  How do you go about finding someone you like?

B:  Suí yuánfèn bei.

B:   随   缘分     呗。

B:  Leave it up to fate.

A:  Yǒu méi yǒu qù yìxiē  dìfang zhǎo ne?

A:  有 没   有    去 一些   地方    找   呢?

A:  Did you ever go to some places to look for (Mr./Mrs. Right)?

B:  Méiyǒu.

B:   没有。

B:  No.

Chinese Conversation (Part III):

A:  Zhōngguó rén zěnme  tánliàn’ài?

A:   中国       人     怎么      谈恋爱?

A:   How do Chinese people meet each other and fall in love?

B:  Wǒmen xiǎo shíhou dōu shì  wáwaqīn.

B:   我们     小     时候    都   是    娃娃亲。

B:   We were engaged when we were babies.

(Culture Note: this is usually arranged by parents who knew each other. This is the case just for the old generation in China.)

Key Learning Points:

男朋友 (nánpéngyou): n. boyfriend


A:  Nǐ yǒu nánpéngyou ma?

A: 你 有   男朋友        吗?

A:  Do you have a boyfriend?

B:  Méiyǒu.

B:   没有。

B:  No.

A:  Wǒ bāng nǐ jièshào yí gè ba.

A: 我 帮     你 介绍    一个 吧。

A:  How about I introduce one to you?

B:  Hǎo a.

B: 好 啊。

B:  Sure.

喜欢 (xǐhuan): v. to like


A:  Zhǎo yí gè zìjǐ xǐhuan de rén bù róngyì a!

A:  找 一 个自己 喜欢   的 人 不   容易 啊!

A:  It is not easy to find someone you like.

B:  Shì a, nǐ kě yào bǎwò jīhuì ya.

B: 是 啊, 你 可 要  把握 机会 呀。

B:  Yes. You should seize the opportunity.

谈恋爱 (tánliàn’ài): v. to fall in love


A:  Kàn tā de biǎoqíng kěndìng tánliàn’ài le.

A: 看 他 的 表情        肯定       谈恋爱    了。

A:  Looks like he is falling in love.

B:  Èn, wǒ cāi yě shì.

B: 嗯,我 猜 也 是。

B:  Mmm, I guess so.

生词 (shēngcí) Vocabulary:

缘分 (yuánfèn): n. fate

介绍 (jièshào): v. to introduce

机会 (jīhuì): n. opportunity

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You mention such a great things here and it is always pleassure to read. Hope to hear more and learn from you.

very special

I would like to exchange links with your site
Is this possible?

good day:) it’s my first time here but i really enjoy what you posts here in your site. i will always visit your site for more updates. Lots of Good information in your posting, I bookmarked your blog post so I can visit again in the near future, Cheers :)

It’s too much different between 爱 and 喜欢,爱 means love, with special feeling on someone,that you want to live with him/her,and spend your whole life with him/her, but 喜欢 means like, it’s the origenal feeling of love, you can develop the like to love by step,and, like is not just for you lover, you can say it to your friends, both men and women, without special felling.

good job now!

Yes, in Chinese, people say 女朋友 for girlfriends. You can say 我喜欢你 to your 女朋友.

In addition to the expressions in this Chinese conversation, you can also say 我爱你 to your boyfriend or girlfriend. What is the difference between 爱 and 喜欢?

I can say女朋友for girlfriend in Chinese. Right?

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