Find Your Way with These Interesting Position Words in Chinese

HSK 3 quiz
1. According to the picture, please choose the best answer to fill in the blank.

(1) Māo zài shāfā de ______.
          猫在沙发的 ______ 。

(2) Gǒu zài shāfā de ______.
          狗在沙发的 ______ 。

Confused by 走狗 (zǒuɡǒu) & 遛狗 (liùgǒu)? You’re Not the Only One!

A. 前面 (Qiánmiàn)

B. 外面 (Wàimiàn)

C. 上面 (Shàngmiàn)

D. 下面 (Xiàmiàn)

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