Learn to say “I’am sorry” in Chinese (Elementary)

Amy and Kate make a date to go to the cinema. On the way there, Amy’s car breaks down and she takes a taxi to the cinema. When she finally arrives, Kate has already been waiting for twenty minutes.


____, wǒ lái wǎn le.
Amy: ___, 我 来  晚 了。
          Méi guānxi.
Kate:没    关系。


Which choice is correct to fill in the blank above?_________
A. 道歉(dàoqiàn)
B. 抱歉(bàoqiàn)

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  1. Monyeazor Oluebube Sunday

    I love chinese,and i really want to learn chinese please how can i enroll to chinese school? There is one chinese Nigeria primary school in Nyanya Abuja,and it’s very close to me.But i don’t know how to start. Please help me.

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