Learn the Difference between “次(cì)” and “遍(biàn)”

Chinese medicine

Please choose the correct answer to fill in the blanks.

Bìngrén: Yīsheng, zhèzhǒng yào zěnme chī?
病人:         医生,  这种         药    怎么    吃?
Patient: Doctor, how is this medicine to be taken?
Yīsheng: Yìtiān chī sān___,  yí __chī liǎngpiàn.
医生:        一天   吃  三  ___,一__吃   两片。
Doctor: Take the medicine three times a day and two pills each time.
A. 次(cì);遍(biàn)

B. 遍(biàn);遍(biàn)

C. 次(cì);次(cì)

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