Most Recommended Resources For Learning Mandarin Chinese

Chinese Culture Points!

Learn Chinese Culture Points , to understand Chinese and Chinese people well!

Learn Chinese Through Chinese TV shows!

my own swordsman 武林外传 (wu3 lin2 wai4 zhuan4) is a classic and famouse TV play in China! We like the characters , like the dialougue they say , it is really funny ! And more , it is a very interesting material for learning Chinese! So i put one here , to let you know how the show likes!

Chinese Vocabulary

Learn Chinese vocabulary (with audios)!

Learn Chinese Through Chinese Songs

Learn Chinese through Chinese songs,a better way to master the language!Learn to sing the songs online with eChineseLearning’s best Chinese teacher! FREE lesson is waiting for you!

Learn Chinese Conversation-Chinese dialogue

Learn Chinese conervsation with eChineseLearning’s best teachers! These are some sample dialogues with audio ,if you want to learn more and practise with Chinese people , Sign up a free trial lesson

Chinese Grammar

Learn Chinese grammar with examples,get understanding of Chinese language!Here, we will give a simple introduction on how you describe a possible situation and/or action.

Chinese pinyin-Consonant

For consonants, we also put all these into English words with the same sound for you to learn and remember in an easier way.

Chinese pinyin-Vowels

Pinyin is a Roman-letter based system that China now uses to mark the pronunciation of Chinese characters. With four tones and pinyin, any Chinese characters can be pronounced precisely.

How to Learn Chinese Online

eChineseLearning provides you an exciting new way to learn Chinese Online. No matter where you are, you can learn Chinese lessons with professional Chinese teachers at your convenience.

Tips for Learning Chinese

How to make your Chinese learning easier and more effective? Here are some tips about how to learn Chinese in the most effecient way.

Chinese Four Tones

Correct tonal pronunciation is essential for Chinese learning. This is an introduction to Chinese four tones, helping you learn Chinese with a good foundation.

Chinese Characters

There are over 80,000 Chinese characters, but how many Chinese characters do you need to know when you start to learn Chinese?

Mandarin Chinese

Mandarin Chinese is the official modern Chinese spoken language in China. This article tells you what is mandarin Chinese and why non-native speakers choose to learn mandarin.

Mandarin Chinese and Beijing Dialect

See the difference between mandarin Chinese and Beijing dialect. Before start to learn Chinese, you should know the basics of Chinese language.

Learn Chinese Language

As a language family Chinese has nearly 1.2 billion speakers; Mandarin Chinese alone has around 850 million native speakers. Learn Chinese–you can communicate with one fifth of the world’s population.

Chinese Courses

How Our Online LIVE Chinese Lessons Work

Our online Chinese learning program enables each student to learn Chinese one-to-one LIVE with native Chinese teachers from anywhere in the world!

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