Stand up in Mandarin (Intermediate)

站起来 (zhànqǐlái) stand up. In this phrase, 站 (zhàn) is a verb and means to stand and “起来 (qǐlái)” means up. Other similar phrases are: “拿起来 (náqǐlái) pick up and “坐下去 (zuòxià qu) sit down.” In formal occasions, people can also say “起立 (qǐlì) stand up.” For example, when asked to stand up to sing the national anthem, you can use “起立 (qǐlì) stand up.”
The antonym of “站起来 (zhànqǐlái) stand up” or “起立 (qǐlì) stand up” is “请坐 (qǐngzuò) have a seat please” or “坐下 (zuòxià) have a seat”. The former one is more formal, and the latter is used usually among friends and peers.





v to stand up

Wǒ jīntiān zài huìshàng chūchǒu le, yí zhànqǐlái jiù bǎ wèntí gěi wàng le.
我    今天       在 会   上     出丑   了,一 站起来 就  把  问题 给     忘 了。

I made a fool of myself at the meeting. When I stood up, I forgot the question.

起立 (qǐlì): v to stand up

Yīnyuèhuì jiéshù shí, guānzhòng dōu  qǐlì gǔzhǎng.
音乐会      结束   时,   观众           都  起立  鼓掌。

At the end of the concert, the audience stood up and clapped.

请坐 (qǐngzuò): v to have a seat please

 A: Nínhǎo, wǒ shì lái zhǎo Wáng jīnglǐ de.
您好,  我 是 来 找       王     经理 的。

Hello, I want to meet Manager Wang.
B: Nín hǎo, qǐngzuò, wǒ bāng nín tōngzhī yí xià Wáng jīnglǐ.
您好,     请坐,    我  帮  您   通知    一下     王经理。

Hello, have a seat please. I will inform Manager Wang.

坐下 (zuòxià): v to have/tale a seat

A:  Nǐ zhōngyú lái le, wǒ dōu děng le hěn jiǔ le.
你     终于   来了, 我    都   等 了  很 久了。

You are here finally. I have waited for a long time.
B: Wǒmen xiān zuòxià hē  bēi kāfēi ba.
我们   先     坐下  喝 杯  咖啡 吧。

Let’s take a seat to have a cup of coffee.

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