Answer Key – Diet, Weight and Running, Which Comes First?


1. D


Kěshì jiǎnféi xiàoguǒ háishì bú dà míngxiǎn
1. 可是减肥效果还是不大明显
But the weight loss effect is still not obvious.

Wǒ zuìjìn zài kòngzhì yǐnshí
2. 我最近在控制饮食
I’ve been on a diet lately.

Érqiě měitiān hái jiānchí pǎobù
3. 而且每天还坚持跑步
And ( I ) keep running every day.

For sentence #2, “我 (wǒ) I” is the main subject of the entire sentence.

For sentence #3, the key phrase “而且 (érqiě)” that’s used to express “and, in addition to that”. We can use context clues to see that a phrase that expresses “in addition to” must follow a previous, relating phrase. Hence,the second portion of the entire sentence is #3.

And sentence #1 means “the weight loss effect is still not obvious”. You can use “可是 (kěshì) but, yet, however, or only”to connect the ideas in a sentence where you’d like to express contrasting statements.

In summary, the sentence structure would look like the following: statement (includes “I”) + statement (in addition to that “而且 (érqiě)”, does not include “I”) + final statement (includes “可是 (kěshì)”). Therefore, D is the correct answer.

Wǒ zuìjìn zài kòngzhì yǐnshí, érqiě měitiān hái jiānchí pǎobù, kěshì jiǎnféi xiàoguǒ háishì bú dà míngxiǎn.
我最近在控制饮食, 而且每天还坚持跑步, 可是减肥效果还是不大明显。
I’ve been controlling my diet lately and running every day, but the weight loss effect is still not obvious.

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