Diet, Weight and Running, Which Comes First?

HSK 3 quiz
1. Please use the following sentences to form a complete Chinese paragraph.

    Kěshì jiǎnféi xiàoguǒ háishì bú dà míngxiǎn
1. 可是减肥效果还是不大明显

    Wǒ zuìjìn zài kòngzhì yǐnshí
2. 我最近在控制饮食

    Érqiě měitiān hái jiānchí pǎobù
3. 而且每天还坚持跑步

SAT Sample Chinese Test: Why Aren’t You out Running?

A. 1-3-2
B. 2-1-3
C. 1-2-3
D. 2-3-1

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