How to Score That Dream Job: A Guide to Interviewing in Chinese

HSK 3 quiz

Introducing yourself in a business setting takes practice and finesse. As the economy develops, more and more Chinese companies hire foreign employees. Besides your aptitude for the job, language ability is also vital in a job interview in the current market.
Interview in Chinese is “面试 (miànshì).” Just the mention of the word is enough to make anyone sweat. But by using this interview outline as a guide, your hopes for successfully interviewing with an employer or school in order to study abroad in China can become a reality.
Learn how to make simple and compelling self-introductions in Mandarin Chinese fluently, especially in a business setting. The most important point is to be confident and leave a good impression! Let’s see how to leave a good impression with these 6 features of the interview process.

1. Greet your interviewer.

你好/您好 (Nǐ hǎo/Nín hǎo) — Hello.

早上好/上午好 (Zǎoshàng hǎo/Shàngwǔ hǎo) — Good morning.

下午好 (Xiàwǔ hǎo) — Good afternoon.

2. Give your basic self-introduction.

我是… (Wǒ shì…) — I am…

我叫… (Wǒ jiào) — I am…

我来自… (Wǒ láizì…) — I’m from… [your country]


Wǒ jiào Lù Xī, láizì Měiguó.
My name is Lucy and I am from the United States.

Top 7 Ways for Making Self-introduction in Chinese

3. Introduce your work experience and education.

我毕业于… (Wǒ bìyè yú…) — I graduated from…

我的专业是… (Wǒ de zhuānyè shì … ) — My major is…

我曾在…工作了…年。(Wǒ céng zài… gōngzuò le… nián.)
— I worked for… [workplace] for… [number] years.


Wǒ bìyè yú Běijīng dàxué, wǒ de zhuānyè shì jīnróng.
I graduated from Peking University, and I majored in finance.

Wǒ céng zài Ālǐbābā gōngzuò le yì nián.
I worked for the Alibaba company for a year.

4. Brag about yourself, when possible! (skills and advantages)

我擅长… (Wǒ shàncháng …) — My skills include…

我曾获得过… (Wǒ céng huòdé guò…) — I have received awards including…


Wǒ shàncháng gōutōng jiāoliú.
I am good at communication.

Wǒ céng huòdé guò yánjiǎng bǐsài dìyì míng.
I have won first place in a speech contest.

5. Present the reason they should hire you.

Wǒ xīwàng kěyǐ huòdé yífèn… de gōngzuò, yīnwèi wǒ…
我希望可以获得一份… 的工作,因为我…
I hope to get a job in …, because I…


Wǒ xīwàng huòdé yífèn yǔ guǎnlǐ xiāngguān de gōngzuò, yīnwèi wǒ shàncháng tuánduì guǎnlǐ.
I’d like to get a management-related job because I’m good at team management.

6. Show sincerity and politeness at the end of an interview.

When leaving, be sure to thank your interviewers again for the opportunity.


Wǒ xīwàng nénggòu dédào zhè fèn gōngzuò.
I hope to get this job.

Wǒ xīwàng guì gōngsī néng gěi wǒ yígè jīhuì. Xièxiè!
I hope your company can give me a chance. Thank you!

Now that you know how to be interviewed in Chinese, be sure to practice with a native teacher to get your tones correct and increase your chances of getting the job or being accepted to the school of your choice. Your first impression is your only chance to get it right, so make it perfect for the first time. Take the quiz below to test your comprehension of the interview guide then leave us a comment introducing yourself.

HSK 3 quiz

1. Read the dialogue and answer the question below:

Interviewer: Nǐ duì xīnshuǐ yǒu shénme yāoqiú ma?
Interviewer: 你对薪水有什么要求吗?
Interviewee: ____________________ .

What would the interviewee say? Please choose the best answer.

Wǒ zhǔxiū jìsuànjī zhuānyè.
A. 我主修计算机专业。

Wǒ xīwàng yuè gōngzī bù dī yú bā qiān.
B. 我希望月工资不低于八千。

Wǒ de àihào shì chànggē.
C. 我的爱好是唱歌。

谈爱好 (Tán Àihào) Talking About Hobbies

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