Chinese test: I want to go to China. (Elementary)

Li Hua, who is Chinese, has a friend, Tom, who is from America. They are chatting on the Internet about Chinese culture, Chinese food, and so on. Tom becomes more and more intrigued and begins thinking about a trip to China.

           Wǒ xiǎng__ Zhōngguó.
Tom:我   想 __       中国。

            Tài hǎo le! Nǐ shénme shíhou __ Zhōngguó?
Li Hua:太 好 了!你    什么      时候  __   中国?


What should be filled in the above blanks?_______

A. 去 ()  去 ()

B. 来 (lái)   去 ()

C. 去 ()   来 (lái)

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