How Many Usages of “How Many” in Chinese? (Advanced)

Lǐ Lì:    Jīntiān zhēn rè a!
李丽:今天     真    热 啊!
Lily: It’s so hot today!
Wáng Lín:  Shì a,   néng chuān duōshǎo chuān duōshǎo, tài rè le.
王       琳:是 啊, 能      穿       多少       穿       多少,       太 热 了。
Wang Lin: Yes, ________. It’s too hot.
What does Wang Lin mean?
A. She’s asking how much clothing Lily is wearing.
B. She’s indicating Lily is wearing too much clothing.
C. She’s telling Lily to wear as little clothing as possible.

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