Answer to How Many Usages of “How Many” in Chinese? (Advanced)

Answer: C
“多少(duōshǎo)” is often used in daily conversation. It’s generally used in two ways. First, the “多(duō) much” in “多少(duōshǎo)” can be used as an adverb to modify the adjective “少(shǎo)”, which means “as little as possible” . For example, “夏天能穿多少穿多(Xiàtiān néng chuān duōshǎo chuān duōshǎo)” means you should wear as little as possible during the summer.


Māma: Nǐ yīnggāi zài chīdiǎnr.
妈妈: 你  应该     再  吃点儿。
Mother: You should eat some more.

Mǎ Lì:  Bùxíng, wǒ zài jiǎnféi, néng chī duōshǎo chī duōshǎo.
玛 丽:不行,  我  在  减肥, 能     吃   多少       吃   多少。
Mary: No, I am trying to lose weight, so I’m eating as little as possible.

Second, “多少(duōshǎo) how much/many”, an interrogative pronoun, is used to ask about amount.


Zhètiáo qúnzi duōshǎo qián?
这条       裙子   多少       钱?
How much is this skirt?

Bàngōngshì yǒu duōshǎo rén?
办公室          有    多少      人?
How many people are there in the office?

In the test, “多少(duōshǎo)” is used in the first way. According to the dialogue, we should wear fewer pieces of clothing on really hot days, thus, “你能穿多少穿多少(Nǐ néng chuān duōshǎo chuān duōshǎo)” means “You should try to wear as little clothing as you can.” So the answer is C.

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