How Learning Chinese Can Boost Your Career

Lately, there’s been a lot of buzz about job layoffs in finance and Silicon Valley, pointing to substantial changes in various industries, especially in technology. Navigating the job market is challenging these days, making landing a position even more demanding. Simultaneously, an increasing number of people are choosing to learn Chinese, giving themselves a valuable edge. Learning Chinese has been a game-changer for many of my students, propelling them into successful careers. Let’s delve deeper into how learning Chinese can give your job search a substantial boost.


Tech Industry and Global Opportunities

If you’re stepping into the tech world or exploring opportunities in global companies, learning Chinese can make a significant difference. Take Deyael, for instance, a game development engineer from France who aspired to work in Hong Kong. When he first approached me, he could only speak a few Chinese words. After a year and a half of dedicated study, he could effectively communicate in Chinese at work. We devised a personalized study plan, focusing on enhancing his Technical Chinese skills. Armed with these new capabilities, he secured a position in app development in Hong Kong.

Tech Chinese

Similarly, Andrew, a tech-savvy student from the USA with a two-year background in Chinese studies, decided to start learning with me. Realizing he had forgotten some Chinese, we conducted a proficiency test to identify his weaknesses. Tailoring the classes to address those shortcomings, he quickly regained his skills. After six months of concentrated Technical Chinese learning, he landed a role in a multinational company with projects in China. Improving his Chinese communication skills played a crucial role in securing the job and continues to enhance his daily work interactions.

Careers in Teaching, Translation, or Tourism

For those contemplating careers in teaching, translation, or tourism, gaining proficiency in Chinese can significantly expand job opportunities. Consider Shelley, one of my students teaching English, aiming to create more opportunities for teaching English to foreigners. After three years of studying with us, she earned an HSK level 5 certificate. Now, she has applied for a program to teach English to Chinese learners, winning numerous job opportunities through proactive preparation.

Collaboration in Specialized Fields

In fields like medicine, architecture, or finance, collaboration with Chinese partners is becoming increasingly common. Troller, an architect, sought help before his project with a Chinese team. We had a two-month crash course on architecture, aiding him with his project in China. This immersive experience equipped him with the necessary Chinese language skills to navigate and communicate effectively throughout his project in China, contributing to a highly successful collaboration.


Another student, Leyla, a Ph.D. student in medicine, observed many Chinese-speaking patients during her internship, prompting her to begin learning Chinese. Dedicated to her studies, she works hard, joining classes early in the morning or evening. Fortunately, our classes run 24/7, seven days a week, making it convenient for her. She mentioned that this flexibility is one of the reasons she enjoys our classes. Now, she is proficient in conversing with her patients in Chinese.

How Our Chinese Classes Help Your Career

In our Chinese classes, you can enhance your job-related skills in several ways. Firstly, basic Chinese language skills are often a prerequisite for many employers. Being adept at participating in Chinese meetings, engaging in daily conversations, and composing business emails in Chinese is highly valued.

Secondly, understanding Chinese business culture and etiquette is also crucial. Knowing about business customs, social rules, and corporate culture helps a lot in working with different businesses.

Lastly, getting certifications or qualifications makes you more competitive. Taking the Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (HSK) or obtaining certifications like the Business Chinese Test (BCT) certificate shows you are proficient in Chinese, making your credentials more impressive.

Learning Chinese isn’t just about picking up a language; it’s a smart investment in your professional journey. If you’re interested in learning Chinese or need assistance, click here to get a free one-on-one Chinese trial class.

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