How do you say “one and a half” when referring to time in Chinese?

Correct Answer: C


In Chinese, we usually use the structure below to express “one and a half.”
Number + Measure Word + 半(bàn)  + Noun
Yí               ge                      bàn           xiǎoshí
一               个                      半              小时
One and a half hours
Similarly, we can use the same structure with other time words, such as, “月(yuè) month,” “星期(xīngqī) week,” etc.


Sān ge bàn yuè
三    个  半   月

Three and a half months
Liǎng ge bàn xīngqī
两       个  半  星期

Two and a half weeks
But, please note that the word “天(tiān) day” can be used as both a noun and a measure word. So we say “一天半(yì tiān bàn)” for “one and a half days”  without a Noun.
Number + Measure Word + 半(bàn) + (Noun)
Yì               tiān                    bàn
一               天                      半
Besides “天(tiān) day, ” the words “年(nián) year,” “分(fēn) minute,” and “秒(miǎo) second” can also be used as nouns and measure words.


Sān nián bàn
三    年     半

Three and a half years
Liǎng fēn bàn
两       分  半

Two and a half minutes
In our test, only C applies to the structure, “Number + Measure Word + 半(bàn) + Noun.” So the correct answer is C.

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