How Do Brand Names Attract Chinese Consumers?

Key Learning Points (Preview):

品牌 (pǐnpái): n. brand

吸引 (xīyǐn): v. to attract

印象 (yìnxiang): n. impression

It is important for foreign brands to have a Chinese name as it enters the Chinese market. How do companies translate their names? How do they make the names attractive? Do they use transliteration or free translation? Some companies skillfully integrate these two translation methods in order to create an attractive brand name for Chinese consumers. A good brand name can help produce a good impression of a product. In this online Chinese lesson, let’s learn how brand names are translated from English to Chinese.

BENZ 奔驰 (Bēnchí)

“奔” and “驰” both mean “run fast” in Chinese.
To drive a BENZ means to enjoy high speeds.

HUMMER 悍马 (Hànmǎ)

“悍” means “strong,” and “马” means “horse.” In Chinese culture, horses are known for their honesty and endurance.
HUMMER vehicles will be honest and constant friends.

ACCORD 雅阁 (Yǎgé)

“雅” means “nice and elegant.” “阁” refers to “cabinet.”
An ACCORD offers a harmonious and comfortable drive.

TISSOT 天梭 (Tiānsuō)

“天” refers to nature. “梭” is a piece in watches.
The workmanship in TISSOT watches is wonderful.

MASTER万事达 (Wànshìdá)

“万事” means all the things, and “达” means to achieve.
With MASTER products, everything will be successful.

CARREFOUR 家乐福 (Jiālèfú)

“家” refers to family. “福” means blessing.
“CARREFOUR” hopes each family is happy.

COCA COLA 可口可乐 (Kěkǒukělè)

“可口” means tasty, and “乐” means happy.
COCA COLA satisfies thirst and makes people happy.

Pepsi Cola 百事可乐 (Bǎishìkělè)

While drinking PEPSI, everything is enjoyable.

Key Learning Points:

品牌 (pǐnpái): n. brand

Bǎomǎ shì yí gè zhīmíng de qìchē pǐnpái.
宝马      是 一个 知名      的   汽车 品牌。
BMW is a well-known car brand.

吸引 (xīyǐn): v. to attract

Zhōngguó de Chángchéng xīyǐn le hěn duō yóukè.
中国           的 长城             吸引了 很   多   游客。
The Great Wall of China attracts a lot of tourists.

印象 (yìnxiang): n. impression

Nǐ duì Zhōngguó de dì yī yìnxiang shì shénme?
你 对 中国          的 第一 印象      是    什么?
What was your first impression of China?

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  1. I came across this word “fuqi” during an online Chinese lesson. How is it different from “xingfu?”

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