Hot Movie: 单身男女 (Dānshēn nánnǚ) Don’t Go Breaking My Heart

Hot Movie: 单身男女 (Dānshēn nánnǚ) Don’t Go Breaking My Heart (Beginner)

Key Learning Points (Preview):

单身 (dānshēn) : adj. single

简单 (jiǎndān): adj. simple

电影 (diàn yǐng): n. movie

The “电影 (diànyǐng) movie” “单身男女 (Dānshēn nánnǚ) Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” was released in theatres on March 31st, 2011. It’s a triangle love story involving one girl and two men, and immediately hit the market with stunning box office results.

Today’s city life operates at a high pace, and modern tools of communication make socializing much easier. However, these conveniences can’t raise the quality of love in one’s life. People may wonder from time to time when they can expect their real love in this materialistic society. What this movie intends to say is that love is pure and “简单 (jiǎndān) simple;” it lies in loyalty and faith instead of in romance. Just like what is illustrated in “非诚勿扰 (Fēi chéng wù rǎo) If You Are the One,” a genuine and sincere love which lasts a long time should be the only choice for those seeking love in modern society.

Key Learning Points:
单身 (dānshēn): adj. single


Tā yìzhí dānshēn.
他 一直   单身。
He remained single all his life. 

简单 (jiǎndān): adj. simple


Tā xǐhuan jiǎndān de shēnghuó fāngshì.
他 喜欢      简单    的    生活           方式。
He likes a simple lifestyle.

电影 (diànyǐng): n. movie


Zhège diànyǐng hěn jīngcǎi.
这个     电影        很    精彩。
This movie is wonderful.

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