Group Purchasing-The New Way to Save Money (Intermediate)

Key Learning Points (Preview):

团购 (tuángòu): n. group purchasing

捏团 (niētuán): v. to form a group

捏友 (niēyǒu): n. friends made from group purchasing

Will you participate in group purchasing today?

With rising prices these days, “团购 (tuángòu) group purchasing” is becoming a big part of people’s daily lives. This is especially true for young consumers thronging to “捏团 (niētuán) form a group” for shopping and calling themselves “捏友 (niēyǒu) friends made from group purchasing.” People participating in this can get great prices on a wide variety of goods from snacks and cigarettes to building materials and houses. Group purchasing has become an exciting new trend. The main method for group purchase is through the Internet. “团宝网(tuánbǎowǎng) is the pioneer and leader in China.

Key Learning Points:

团购 (tuángòu): n. group purchasing

“团购 (tuángòu) group purchasing” is the abbreviated combination of the Chinese words “团体 (tuántǐ) group” and “购物 (gòuwù) shopping.”

Nǐ shuō zhè wùjià zhǎng de, wǒ dōu mǎi bù qǐ dōngxi le.
A: 你 说   这    物价   涨      的,我  都   买 不 起 东西 了。
With the rising prices, I cannot afford to buy things.

Tuángòu ya, tǐng piányi de.
B: 团购      呀,   挺  便宜   的。
Group purchasing. It is so cheap.

捏团 (niētuán): v. to form a group & 捏友 (niēyǒu): n. friends made from group purchasing

“捏 (niē)” literally means to pinch, but its usage in this context means to look for individual consumers to form a group for buying something. Those who form a group are called “捏友 (niēyǒu).”

Xiànzài dōu liúxíng niētuán gòuwù le, érqiě dàjiā dōu hù chēng niēyǒu ne.
A: 现在      都   流行   捏团        购物  了,而且 大家  都   互    称     捏友    呢。
Nowadays, it is fashionable to shop by forming a group where people call each other friends.

Kàn lái wǒ yě yào gǎn gǎn cháoliú le.
B: 看   来 我 也 要    赶   赶    潮流   了。
It seems I’ve got to go with the trend too.

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