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干杯(gānbēi)! “Bottoms Up” at the Qingdao International Beer Festival

Aug. 28, 2020

If you love “啤酒(píjiǔ) beer” and know a little about China, then you must also know you can’t miss the Qingdao International Beer Festival.

The Qingdao International Beer Festival is a large-scale celebration that integrates economy, trade, tourism and culture, all with beer as the medium. In fact, it is the largest beer event in Asia!

The 30th Qingdao International Beer Festival began on July 31 this year in Qingdao, Shandong Province, kicking off the 17-day beer carnival season. Let’s take a look at this grand occasion.

啤酒(píjiǔ): n. beer


wǒ bù xǐhuān hē píjiǔ.
I don’t like beer.

jùhuì shí, rénmen yòng píjiǔ qìngzhù.
At a party, people celebrate with beer.

Both lively and subdued

“狂欢(kuánghuān) partying” is the theme of the festival, but there’s more to it than a raucous celebration. This Qingdao International Beer Festival is actually divided between covered and open-air areas.

Covered areas set the scene for people who are looking for a more party-like atmosphere, whereas those intending to simple enjoy some beer often spend time outside. This means that anyone, whether extroverted or introverted, active or quiet, can find a place here.

狂欢(kuánghuān): n. partying


shèngdàn yè, rénmen zài guǎngchǎng shàng jìnqíng kuánghuān.
On Christmas Eve, people party in the square.

kuánghuān yíxiàng shì gè dà jiérì de zhǔtí.
Partying has always been the theme of major festivals.

The collision of freshness and history

In the beer capital, how can beer not be “新鲜(xīnxiān) fresh”? In order to ensure freshness, beer is kept cold directly throughout its transport, and is supplied daily through pipelines to ensure the temperature and freshness of the beer to the greatest extent.

In addition to the fresh taste, the variety of beer is also very “新鲜(xīnxiān)”. At the festival, you can taste the mash, pure raw materials, white beer, dark beer, IPA, fruit beer… as long as you can think of, you can try it!

The more beer you drink at the festival each day may be fresh, but the Qingdao International Beer Festival has a long history.

The Qingdao International Beer Festival has a colorful history of more than 30 years and has now developed into one of the world’s four major beer festivals – it’s even on the same level as Germany’s Oktoberfest – and has a reputation deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

The history of Qingdao Beer is even longer, satisfying drinkers for the last 117 years. It’s even become a kind of historical heritage, developing along with fashions and trends of each generation, and introducing tourists to the wonders of Chinese beer.

新鲜(xīnxiān): adj. fresh


zhège píngguǒ hěn xīnxiān.
This apple is very fresh.

zhè yǐjīng bú suàn shénme xīnxiān shì le.
This is nothing new.

Enjoying the community online and offline

Given the unique circumstances of the epidemic this year, and all the necessary related precautions, the 2020 Qingdao International Beer Festival is destined to be very “特别(tèbié) special”. Because of this, organizers put together an “online + offline” festival model, launching the “Cloud Beer Festival”. In this way beer lovers, whether near or far, remote or in person, can, “see, play, eat, shop, and travel” in a way that facilitates widespread participation to create a truly unique and global “audio-visual feast”.

特别(tèbié): adv. specially/especially


huǒchē pǎo de tèbié kuài.
The train runs very fast.

tā xǐhuān yùndòng, tèbié shì pǎobù.
He likes sports, especially running.

Therefore, even if you can’t make it to the Qingdao International Beer Festival this year don’t fret! Whether online, or organizing your own mini “festival” wherever you are, you can take a break and release the stress of 2020.


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