From Down Under to China: A 12-Year-Old’s Journey to Mandarin Fluency

With the increasing prominence of the Chinese economy in today’s society, parents are enthusiastically recognizing the value of their children learning the Chinese language. Renowned personalities like Jim Rogers and Mark Zuckerberg have even enrolled their own kids in Mandarin classes. But let’s admit it, choosing the perfect Chinese language program can be quite a daunting task. As a Mandarin teacher, allow me to share the inspiring story of Lucy, one of my students.

Lucy is a vivacious 12-year-old girl hailing from the beautiful town of Ballarat, Victoria, Australia. Lucy’s parents, while don’t know how to speak Mandarin, are enthusiasts of Chinese culture and firmly believe in the growing importance of China. In 2018, they hired a local Chinese tutor to provide personalized language lessons for Lucy. The results were impressive, and Lucy was making good progress!

But alas, the unexpected COVID-19 pandemic stormed onto the scene in 2020. Lucy’s Chinese tutor got stuck in China, leaving Lucy without her beloved lessons. They later received a message explaining that the teacher couldn’t come to Australia due to a sick family member back in China. It was a bittersweet moment—understanding the situation, but still feeling sorry for the teacher. Nevertheless, Lucy’s Chinese learning journey had hit a roadblock. Lucy, always eager to learn, bombarded her parents with questions about when she could resume her Chinese lessons. After careful consideration, they made a bold decision—they embraced the world of online one-on-one learning!

With a swift online search, Lucy’s parents stumbled upon me, and they poured out Lucy’s story. Instantly, I knew I had to create a good learning plan for this curious and talented young girl. So, I put my thinking cap on, designing a weekly study plan that perfectly matched her language level and catered to her unique interests. And I went the extra mile and threw in some exciting Chinese cultural learning materials like movies and songs to make the whole experience a joyous ride.

Our classroom activities were like a language wonderland, where Lucy could engage in lively dialogue exercises, express herself freely, and sharpen her listening skills. Picture this: we created scenarios like ordering delicious Chinese delicacies in a bustling restaurant, meeting a cheerful Chinese classmate, or even encountering a playful Chinese-owned pup in the park. These engaging exercises equipped Lucy with the essential vocabulary and sentences she needed to navigate real-life situations. One fine summer, Lucy’s beaming mother excitedly reported, “Yesterday, Lucy made friends with a child from Shanghai at a local Chinese restaurant! She was over the moon!”

I also took it upon myself to shower her with fascinating nursery rhymes, animated cartoons, and Chinese mini-games. It was like a gateway to China’s captivating cultural treasures. Lucy’s understanding and appreciation of China deepened, setting the stage for her future adventures in this incredible land.

Three years later, as she bid farewell to middle school, Lucy had a sparkling idea. She expressed her burning desire to travel to China during the holidays. At the tender age of 15, Lucy embarked on an adventure to China, leaving her parents ecstatic to have their daughter as their personal translator!

And when I asked Lucy about her exhilarating time in Beijing, she exclaimed, “China is absolutely mind-blowing! I’ve made incredible friends from China!” Witnessing her sheer enthusiasm and joy made my heart soar. Lucy went on to explain that learning Chinese had not only fulfilled her dreams but had also paved a solid foundation for her bright future.

As her parents shared their heartfelt thoughts, they beamed with pride: “Lucy’s Chinese skills have skyrocketed, all thanks to our switch to online one-on-one learning. We hope and encourage Lucy to continue her studies, delving deeper into the Chinese language and culture.”

For those who are intrigued by Lucy’s Chinese language program, I invite you to embark on a thrilling journey with a free one-on-one trial Mandarin lesson with me. Get ready to discover the wonders of Chinese language and culture!

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