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“粉丝(fěnsī)”-Must Know Knowledge about “fans” in Chinese

Nov. 20, 2013

Recently, the word “粉丝(fěnsī)” has become very popular in China. The original meaning of “粉丝(fěnsī)” is glass noodle. It's a traditional Chinese foodRecently, “粉丝(fěnsī)” has taken on an extended meaning. It has come to be used as the transliteration of the word “fans.”

It can also be used to mean enthusiast, which is usually represented with the character “迷()." If you are crazy about a movie, then you are a “粉丝(fěnsī)” of this film, and we can also call you “影迷(yǐngmí), the film's fan.” If you love rock, then you are a “摇滚迷(yáogǔn mí), rock fan.” And we also have “戏迷(xìmí), opera fan,” “歌迷(gēmí), being the fan of a song,” etc. In addition, we can also shorten “粉丝(fěnsī)” to “粉(fěn).” For example, “果粉(guǒfěn), Apple fan."


Wǒ de fùmǔ dōu shì zúqiú mí.
我   的  父母  都   是 
足球  迷。


My parents are football fans.

Dà xuéshēng lǐ de guǒfěn zhēn duō!
大  学生        里 的 果粉     真      多!


There are so many apple fans among university students!

The word “粉丝(fěnsī), fans” can also refer to the admirers of a star. It is equivalent to 追星族(zhuī xīng zú), the star's fan.,” If you admire David Beckham very much, then you are the “粉丝(fěnsī)” of David Beckham. Nowadays, though, having “粉丝(fěnsī)” is not the exclusive privilege of the stars any more. Common people can also have “粉丝(fěnsī).” So you can be the “粉丝(fěnsī)” of anyone.

If you are a die-hard fan of a person, then you are his “铁杆粉丝(tiěgǎn fěnsī).”


Kēbǐ zhèngzài hé tā de fěnsī  héyǐng.
科比  正在       和 他 的 粉丝   合影。


Kobe is taking pictures with his fans.

Wǒ shénme shíhou néng yǒu zìjǐ de fěnsī a?
我   什么       时候     能     有  自己的 粉丝啊?


When will I have my own fans?

Nowadays, with the development of society, “粉丝(fěnsī)” appears in all areas of a person’s life, such as on “微博(wēibó), micro-blogs,” Here “粉丝(fěnsī)” are the followers of the blogger. If you “关注(guānzhù), follow” a person on his or her micro-blog, then you are the blogger’s “粉丝(fěnsī).” But don't assume that you have a ton of  fans just because the number of “粉丝(fěnsī)” on your micro-blogs is large, because some of them might be “僵尸粉(jiāngshī fěn), zombie fans or fake followers.” Zombie fans on micro-blogs are defined as invalid accounts signed up by network companies for the purpose of increasing the number of fans for certain users, especially celebrities.


Wǒ yǒu yì qiān gè wēibó fěnsī.
我   有   一 千    个  微博  粉丝。


I have 1,000 followers on my micro-blog.

In addition to being a noun, “粉(fěn)” can also be used as a verb. If you “粉(fěn)” a person, it means that you follow him on a micro-blog and his updates will appear in your micro-blog and you can re-tweet, comment or send private messages to him. If two people “互粉(hùfěn),” it means that they follow each other on the micro-blog and are the “粉丝(fěnsī)” of each other.


Nǐ de wēibó shang, yǒu duōshao rén fěn nǐ?
你 的  微博   上,     有   多少        人  粉 你?


How many people followed you on your micro-blog?

Wǒmen hùfěn bɑ!
我们      互粉   吧!


Let’s follow each other!


1. If you are a “粉丝(fěnsī)” of football, it means that_____.

A. You are crazy about football.

B. You don’t like football.

C. You are a football star.

2. Which sentence does not represent “粉丝(fěnsī)?”

A. “I will at all costs be taking part in Lady Gaga’s concert!”

B. “The actor’s performance was not so good.”

C. “I followed you on the micro-blog yesterday.”

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