Do you “知道(zhīdào)” someone or “认识(rènshi)” someone?

We have published four issues of newsletter in April 2014. Have you read all of them? Let’s see how much you have learned from this month’s issues!
Please choose the correct answer to fill in the blank.
Tom: Zhàopiàn shàng zhè ge rén shì shuí?
Tom:照片        上       这   个 人   是   谁?
Mary: Tā shì Anne Hathaway, wǒ ___ tā, dànshì wǒ bú ___ tā.
Mary:她 是 Anne Hathaway,我___ 她,但是    我 不___  她。
A. 知道(zhīdào), 认识(rènshi)

B. 认识(rènshi), 知道(zhīdào)

C. 知道(zhīdào), 知道(zhīdào)

D. 认识(rènshi), 认识(rènshi)

Not sure about the answer? No worries, please review the article I know her but I am not acquainted with her! to learn the answer!


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