Do You Like to Show Off? (Intermediate)

Lǐ Míng: John wēibó shàng zǒngshì yǒu hěnduō tā gēn tā nǚpéngyou de zhàopiàn.
李   明: John 微博    上        总是    有     很多    他 跟  他    女朋友      的   照片。
Xiǎo Wáng: Tā hěn xǐhuan xiù ēn’ài.
小       王: 他  很     喜欢    秀 恩爱。
What does Xiao Wang mean?
A. John enjoys showing affection in public!
B. John is good at talking about love stories!
C. John wants his friends to know his girlfriend!
Not sure about the answer? Not to worry, just take a look at this article “秀 (xiù)” – He likes to show off! to figure out the correct answer!

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