When Should I Use “过 (guò)” and “了 (le)”? (Elementary)

Please choose the correct answer to fill in the blanks.
Wáng Lì: Nǐ qù ___Zhōng’guó ma?
王     丽:你 去___   中国        吗?
Tom: Wǒ méi qù ___ Zhōng’guó, dànshì wǒ hěn xiǎng qù.
Tom:我 没   去___      中国,       但是   我   很   想    去。
A. 了 (le),过 (guò)

B. 过 (guò),过 (guò)

C. 过 (guò),了 (le)

Not sure about the answer? Not to worry, just take a look at this article Must-know Difference between “过 (guò)” and “了 (le),” to figure out the correct answer!

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