Watch Out! (Beginner) 当心!(初级)

Learn Chinese Words-当心!(Dāngxīn!) Watch Out! (Beginner)


Nánhái: Dāngxīn! Dìbǎn shì shī de.
  男孩: 当心!     地板  是  湿 的。
Boy: Watch out! The floor is wet.

Nǚhái: Duōkuī nǐ lāle wǒ yì bǎ, bùrán wǒ jiù shuāidǎo le.
女孩: 多亏   你拉了我 一 把,不然  我 就  摔倒       了。
Girl: Thanks for helping me, or else I would have fallen down.

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