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Conversation: Two Lovers Are Talking in a Park (Beginner)

May. 20, 2011

Key Learning Points (Preview):

漂亮 (piàoliang) adj. beautiful


照片 (zhàopiàn) n. photo 


Two lovers are talking in a park.

Nánhái: Jīntiān wǒ zài jiēshang kànjiàn le yígè měinǚ.
男孩:   今天    我 在    街上       看见   了 一个 美女。


Boy: Today I saw a beautiful woman on the street.

Nǚhái: Shì ma?
女孩: 是 吗?


Girl: Really?

Nánhái: Shì ā, tài piàoliang le!
男孩:  是 啊,太   漂亮     了!


Boy: Yes, she was so beautiful!

The girl is a little angry. The boy takes something out of his pocket and looks at it carefully. At the same time, he says that the girl he met on the street is the most beautiful person in the world.

Nánhái: Kàn, wǒ hái yào le tā de zhàopiàn ne. Tài piàoliang le.
男孩:   看, 我 还 要 了 她 的    照片     呢。太     漂亮    了!


Boy: Look, I have a photo of her. She is so beautiful.

Nǚhái: Wǒ yě yào kàn.
女孩: 我 也 要 看。


Girl: I want to have a look too.

Nánhái: Néng qǔdào tā shì wǒ zhè bèizi zuì dà de mèngxiǎng.
男孩:     能     娶到   她 是 我 这  辈子 最 大 的   梦想。


Boy: To marry her is the highest dream in my entire life.

The girl snatches the "photo" from the boy's hand, and she suddenly finds it's not a "photo." It's a "mirror!" At the same time, she sees herself in the mirror and is surprised.

Nánhái: Nǐ jiùshì shìjièshàng zuìpiàoliang de nǚhái.
男孩: 你   就是      世界上       最漂亮      的 女孩。


Boy: You are the most beautiful woman in the world.

Nǚhái: Nǐ ge piànzi.
女孩:你 个 骗子。


Girl: You are a liar.

The girl is blushing. She is too happy to say anything…

Key Learning Points:

漂亮 (piàoliang) adj. beautiful


In Chinese language, we use "漂亮 (piàoliang) beautiful" to describe a girl, but we use "英俊 (yīngjùn) handsome" to describe a boy.


Nàge nǚhái hěn piàoliang.
那个   女孩    很     漂亮。


That girl is very beautiful.

照片 (zhàopiàn) n. photo



Gěi wǒ yìzhāng nǐ de zhàopiàn, hǎo ma?
给   我    一张    你 的    照片,   好    吗?


Could you please give me one of your photos?

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