Chinese Version of “American Idol”-超级女声 (chāojí nǚ shēn) Super Girl

超级女声 (chāojí nǚshēng) Super Girl

Super Girl is one of the most popular TV shows in China and is quite similar to the American Idol show in the U.S. The program is a 真人秀(zhēn rén xiù) reality competition to discover new music talent. Super Girl is a great chance to produce super 偶像(ŏuxiàng) idol. The 海选(hăixuăn) first audition of the 2009 season Super Girl is currently under the way. It has attracted millions of females above eighteen. Every competition from the first audition to the finals would be broadcasted live. The viewers are able to participate in the judging process by sending text messages on their mobile phones to vote for their favorite contestants. The popularity of Super Girl has inspired the creations of other talent-searching shows.

生词(shēngcí) Vocabulary:

(zhēnrénxiù): adj reality competition


(ŏuxiàng): n idol


(hăixuăn): n first audition

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