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Chinese Tongue Twister (Beginner)

May. 5, 2010

Chinese Tongue Twister (Beginner)

采蘑菇 (Cǎi mógu) Pick Mushrooms


Key Learning Point (Preview):

蘑菇 (mógu): n mushroom


Hēitù hé báitù,
黑兔 和 白兔,


The black rabbit and the white rabbit,

Shàngshān cǎi mógu.
上山             采 蘑菇。


Climbed up the mountain to pick mushrooms.

Xiǎohóu hé xiǎolù,
小猴       和 小鹿,


Little monkey and little deer,

Yìqǐ  lái bāngzhù.
一起 来 帮助。


Come and help them.

Hóu hé tù,
猴   和 兔,


Monkey and rabbit,

Tù hé lù,
兔 和 鹿,


Rabbit and deer,

Gāogāoxìngxìng cǎi mógu.
高高兴兴             采 蘑菇。


Pick mushrooms happily together.

Key Learning Point:

蘑菇 (mógu): n mushroom



A: Wǒ xiǎng yào yìwǎn mógu tāng.      
    我 想      要   一碗 蘑菇   汤。


    I would like a bowl of mushroom soup.

B: Hǎode, qǐng shāoděng.    
     好的,  请     稍等。


    OK, wait a moment please.

生词 (shēngcí): Vocabulary


兔 (): n rabbit


猴 (hóu): n monkey


鹿 (): n deer


帮助 (bāngzhù): v/ n help


More Chinese tongue twitters: 茄子和鞋子 Eggplant and Shoes 会与费 Can and Cost

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Yo, good liookn out! Gonna make it work now.

Hello.This post was really motivating, especially since I was searching for thoughts on this issue last Wednesday.

Great information! I’ve been looking for something like this for a while now. Thanks!

I have additional queries. Would you mind answering them if I ask here or is it better I ask on email? Appreciate your time. Appreciate it.

Hi, my sister recommended this blog. I like what I see so far, but I will have to check back a few more times before I put it in my daily bloglist.

I would like to exchange links with your site
Is this possible?

Thank you for your appreciation! Of course you can include a link to our site so that more people who love Chinese will see it. Hope to get your continuous attention!

Thanks for your support! The time of our post upgraded is supposed to be every Friday, so you can browse our site and read it on that day. What’s more, since you have subscribed, you will receive our newsletter on every Monday which includes all of our post in each week. Hope to get your continuous attention!

Thank you for your appreciation! Glad to help if you have any question about learning Chinese. It’s better that you ask and we answer just on the blog. Hope to gain your continuous focus!

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