Chinese Tongue Twister (Beginner)

Chinese Tongue Twister (Beginner)
采蘑菇 (Cǎi mógu) Pick Mushrooms

Key Learning Point (Preview):

蘑菇 (mógu): n mushroom

Hēitù hé báitù,
黑兔 和 白兔,

The black rabbit and the white rabbit,
Shàngshān cǎi mógu.
上山             采 蘑菇。

Climbed up the mountain to pick mushrooms.
Xiǎohóu hé xiǎolù,
小猴       和 小鹿,

Little monkey and little deer,
Yìqǐ  lái bāngzhù.
一起 来 帮助。

Come and help them.
Hóu hé tù,
猴   和 兔,

Monkey and rabbit,
Tù hé lù,
兔 和 鹿,

Rabbit and deer,
Gāogāoxìngxìng cǎi mógu.
高高兴兴             采 蘑菇。

Pick mushrooms happily together.

Key Learning Point:

蘑菇 (mógu): n mushroom


A: Wǒ xiǎng yào yìwǎn mógu tāng.
我 想      要   一碗 蘑菇   汤。

I would like a bowl of mushroom soup.
B: Hǎode, qǐng shāoděng.
好的,  请     稍等。

OK, wait a moment please.

生词 (shēngcí): Vocabulary

兔 (tù): n rabbit

猴 (hóu): n monkey

鹿 (lù): n deer

帮助 (bāngzhù): v/ n help

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