Chinese Test: What gift will you give to your mother on Mother’s Day?

Beginner Level 初级 (chū)


“母亲节 (Mǔqīnjié) Mother’s Day” is coming soon. Ann and Jen are talking about what kind of gift they want to send to their mother.

       Nǐ zhǔnbèi gěi māma sòng shénme lǐwù?
Ann: 你准备      给   妈妈     送      什么   礼物?

        Bú gàosu nǐ, wǒ yào gěi tā ge jīngxǐ.
 Jen: 不   告诉  你,我要    给 她个 惊喜。

What does Jen mean?

A. She hasn’t prepared the gift for her mother.

B. She will have a surprise for her mother.

C. She doesn’t know how to choose a gift for her mother.

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