Chinese Test: What does “死心 (sǐ xīn)” mean?

Beginner Level 初级 (chū)


Tom has been courting Lily for several months, but Lily refused him. One day, Tom’s friend Jack saw him buying a large bouquet of roses.

         Nǐ hái méi sǐ xīn a?
Jack: 你还 没    死心啊?

         Děngzhe qiáo ba, tā yídìng huì jiēshòu wǒ de.
Tom: 等着        瞧    吧,她 一定   会   接受    我 的。

Here, what does “死心 (sǐ xīn)” mean?

A. to give up on an idea forever

B. to fall in love with someone

C. to miss someone

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