Chinese test: I Will Help You! (Elementary)

Jack bought a house in the suburbs and now is preparing to move in. However, moving won’t be easy due to the fact that he has so much to move. Fortunately, Jack has a good friend, Tony, who he can count on.

          Wǒ míngtiān bānjiā, nǐ yǒukòng ma?
 Jack:我     明天    搬家, 你   有空     吗?

          Yǒukòng, wǒ qù __ nǐ ba.
Tony:有空,    我  去 __ 你 吧。


Which of the following is correct for the above blank? _________

A. 帮 (bāng)

B. 帮忙 (bāngmáng)

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