Chinese test: Do You Want To Play Basketball? (Elementary)

Today is Friday, and Tom has been asked to play a game of basketball. But Tom doesn’t want to go and tells this to Jack, wondering whether he wants to play.


          Nǐ míngtiān qù dǎ lánqiú ma?
Tom:你   明天     去  打  篮球   吗?

          Nǐ___qù, wǒ yě___qù.
Jack:你__ 去,我 也___去。


Which of the following correctly fills in the above blanks?_____

A. 没 (méi);没 (méi)

B. 没 (méi);不 ()

C. 不 ();不 ()

D. 不 ();没 (méi)

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4 thoughts on “Chinese test: Do You Want To Play Basketball? (Elementary)”

  1. Basketball question does not make sense. Answer should be simply yes or no, not the one you have given as answer.

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