Chinese test: Do You Want To Play Basketball? (Elementary)

Today is Friday, and Tom has been asked to play a game of basketball. But Tom doesn’t want to go and tells this to Jack, wondering whether he wants to play.


          Nǐ míngtiān qù dǎ lánqiú ma?
Tom:你   明天     去  打  篮球   吗?
          Nǐ___qù, wǒ yě___qù.
Jack:你__ 去,我 也___去。


Which of the following correctly fills in the above blanks?_____
A. 没 (méi);没 (méi)
B. 没 (méi);不 (bú)
C. 不 (bú);不 (bú)
D. 不 (bú);没 (méi)

HSK Test
General Chinese (Beginner Level)
General Chinese (Intermediate Level)

4 thoughts on “Chinese test: Do You Want To Play Basketball? (Elementary)”

  1. Basketball question does not make sense. Answer should be simply yes or no, not the one you have given as answer.

  2. Hello Katie,

    You are welcome! Now you must can use “不” and “没” correctlly.

    Please try to fill the following blank.

    我明天__出去玩。(Wo3 ming2tian1 __ chu1qu wan2.)

    I won’t go out tomorrow.

  3. Hello A Wen,

    Of course “Yes” or “No” will be the right and simple answer to the question. But the answer Jack gives also explained the reason he won’t go, so it is also right. In the future, we will do our best to make the sentence much more simple and in line with the question. Thanks.

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