Chinese Snack Challenge: Can You Conquer It?

Have you tried snacks from China? These challenging Chinese snacks, what level can you achieve? Get ready to start the challenge!

Dried Sweet Potato
Level One – Dried Sweet Potato

Dried sweet potato is a nutritious snack that comes in two different textures based on the degree of moisture retention: dry and wet. The dry type is sweet potato chips, which are crispy and have a unique flavor, while the wet type is soft, chewy, and sweet. This healthy and delicious snack should be a breeze to pass!


Hóng shǔ gān chī qǐ lái xiàng shǔ piàn.
Dried sweet potato tastes like potato chips.

Nǐ chī guò hóng shǔ gān ma?
Have you tried dried sweet potato?

Spicy Strips
Level Two – Spicy Strips

Perhaps you’ve heard of spicy strips? These snacks are made from a flour blend that combines the kick of chili peppers with the chewy texture of dough, resulting in a spicy and addictive flavor that will leave you wanting more. From konjac noodles and tofu skin to spicy chips, there are various forms and unique packaging options for all kinds of spicy strips, making them the perfect choice for those looking to explore Chinese snacks and push their taste buds to the limit.


Là tiáo hǎo là, dàn shì hǎo chī.
Spicy strips are spicy but tasty.

Chī là tiáo huì shàng yǐn.
Eating spicy strips can be addictive.

Chicken feet
Level three – Chicken feet

For many non-Chinese people, chicken feet may seem unappetizing. However, in China, chicken feet are a popular delicacy that have been enjoyed as a snack since childhood. They come in a variety of flavors, including pickled pepper, spicy, and lemon. If dealing with bones seems like a hassle, boneless chicken feet are also available. If you’re willing to challenge your taste buds, you might be pleasantly surprised by the unique and rich flavor of chicken feet.


Qǐng wèn nǎ lǐ kě yǐ mǎi dào wú gǔ jī zhuǎ?
Excuse me, where can I buy boneless chicken feet?

Xué xiào páng biān de yè shì lǐ.
It’s in the night market near the school.

Can you pass all the challenges?
Please let me know your level in the comments or message!

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