Learning Chinese for Kids-Learn a Chinese Nursery Rhyme for Children-Two Little Elephants
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Chinese Nursery Rhyme-两只小象(liǎnɡzhī xiǎoxiànɡ) Two Little Elephants

Sep. 17, 2014

Liǎngzhī xiǎoxiàng hébiān zǒu,
两只         小象        河边     走,
Two little elephants walk along the river.


Jiànmiàn yáng qǐ  bízi  gōu yì gōu,
见面         扬    起 鼻子 勾  一  勾,
They raise their trunks and hook them together when they meet.


Jiù xiàng liǎnggè hǎo péngyou.
就    像      两个    好      朋友,
They are like two good friends,


Jiànmiàn wò wò shǒu.
见面        握   握   手。
Shaking their hands when they meet each other.



1. 象(xiàng)   n.     elephant

   Dònɡwùyuán lǐ yǒu sāntóu dàxiànɡ.
    动物园          里 有    三头     大象。
   There are three elephants in the zoo.


2. 鼻子(bízi)   n.      trunk

    Dàxiànɡ de bízi  hěn cháng.
    大象       的 鼻子 很    长。
    The elephants’ trunks are very long.


3. 朋友(péngyou)   n.      friend

   Lucy shì wǒ de hǎo pénɡyou.
   Lucy 是   我 的  好     朋友。
   Lucy is my friend.



1. Which animal is the biggest?

A. 奶牛(nǎiniú)

B. 大象(dàxiànɡ)

C. 小猪(xiǎozhū)

2. 大象的(dàxiànɡ de) ___ is very long.

A. 尾巴(wěiba)

B. 嘴巴(zuǐba)

C. 鼻子(bízi)

3. What’s the meaning of “朋友(péngyou)”?

A. friend

B. student

C. kids

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