Chinese Mini-Test: Will You Go Watching Kung Fu Panda?

Beginner Level 初级 (chūjí)

    Zhège zhōurì nǐ yǒukòng ma? Wǒmen qù kàn Gōngfuxióngmāo ba?
A: 这个      周日  你    有空     吗?  我们    去    看      功夫熊猫       吧?
    Hǎoā, tīngshuō hěn hǎokàn ne.
B: 好啊,   听说     很     好看   呢。
Question: What does “空” mean in this dialogue?

A. Free
B. Empty
C. Money
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0 thoughts on “Chinese Mini-Test: Will You Go Watching Kung Fu Panda?”

  1. Last year, I was learning Chinese in an online Chinese school. I think “周日 (zhōurì)” and “星期天 (xīngqītiān)” both mean “Sunday,” right?

  2. Yes, but I was wondering why Chinese people don’t say “星期七 (xīngqī qī)” for Sunday?

  3. I’m learning Chinese in a local language school. I was told that “星期七 (xīngqī qī)” is rather difficult to pronounce, so Chinese people seldom use this.

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