Chinese Mini-Test: Travel (Beginner)

Beginner Level 初级 (chūjí)

Up above there is heaven; down below there are Suzhou and Hangzhou.” Hangzhou is considered the best city for travel in China.
What’s the meaning of travel in Chinese?
A. 生活 (shēnghuó)
B. 购物 (gòuwù)
C. 旅游 (lǚyóu)
D. 体育 (tǐyù)

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eChineseLanguage’s Travel Chinese Lessons:

Our travel Chinese course is intended to help you enjoy your trip when you travel in China. Our travel Chinese lessons focus on spoken Chinese that will be particularly useful when conversing in various situations during your trip. From the travel Chinese course you will learn some basic travel Chinese words, phrases and sentences.

0 thoughts on “Chinese Mini-Test: Travel (Beginner)”

  1. In this travel Chinese test, I think that option D, “体育 (tǐyù)” means “sports.” Am I right?

  2. Yes, I’d love to add an example for the words in this travel Chinese test:
    “我喜欢体育。(Wǒ xǐhuan tǐyù) I love sports.”

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