Chinese Mini-test: 教师 (Beginner)

Beginner Level 初级 (chūjí)

What does the Chinese characters “教师 (jiàoshī)” refer to?

A. Worker

B. Child

C. Teacher

D. Mother

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5 thoughts on “Chinese Mini-test: 教师 (Beginner)”

    1. “先生” is more likely to be a Japanese word for “teacher”, though Chinese used it the similar way in old time. Nowadays “先生” is usually used as honorific.

      1. jennifer.zhu

        Yes, you’re right, and “先生” also can be used to address husband in modern time. However, it’s not commonly used because it’s very formal.

  1. I know another Chinese character “老师.” Is it the same as the Chinese character “教师?”

  2. Yes, they are similar. “教师” is more formal. And we usually use “老师” in spoken Chinese language.

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