Chinese films you must watch this summer

What movies will you be watching this summer? A perfect choice for some was Independence Day 2, as it corresponds with July, 4th and came into theaters around the same time. Why not watch people battle aliens for the earth in a fight for the independence of planet Earth?
This type of movie that just comes out in summer is a part of the “暑期档 (shǔqīdàng) summer movie schedule.” The word “暑期 (shǔqī)” means “summer vacation,” and “档 (dàng)” stands for “档期 (dàngqī) movie theater schedule.” This is the time between June, 1st and August, 31st. Usually the movies that come out during this time are related to summer or the dates during this time, such as Independence Day 2. Another famous movie that came out during this period was Jaws. The summer, sand and—sharks—fit perfectly into the summer schedule.


Zhè bù diànyǐng jiāng zài jīnnián shǔqīdàng shàngyìng.
这  部      电影     将    在   今年    暑期档       上映。
This film will be released during the summer movie schedule this year.

Zhè shì jīnnián shǔqīdàng shàngyìng de dì yī bù kǒngbù piān.
这    是   今年     暑期档        上映      的 第 一 部    恐怖  片。
This is the first horror film in theater this year for the summer movie schedule.

This isn’t just a phenomenon that happens in the west. In China, there are also movies themed to this period. Below are some movies that are coming out this summer as a part of the “暑期档 (shǔqīdàng) summer movie schedule” that you can look out for. Its a great way to practice your Chinese and see some modern new Chinese films for an insight into Chinese culture!

1.《危城》(Wēichéng) Call of Heroes
HSK 3 quiz
上映时间 (Shàngyìng shíjiān) Release Date: August 18th

This movie takes place during the warlord period in China’s past during troubled times. It is an intricate story with a twist where the regiment guard Yang Kenan must bring the marshall Cao Shalin to justice for the murder of 3 people. But, the Cao family is very wealthy and powerful. General Zhang, a part of the Cao family, upon hearing of this situation quickly comes to Pucheng to get Cao Shalin. After arriving, he runs into his old friend, Shi Mafeng—a ronin who at the sight of injustice, will pull out his sword to help. Shi Mafeng soon realizes he has to choose between justice and brotherhood.

2.《宝贝当家》(Bǎobèi dāngjiā) Girl of the Big House
HSK 3 quiz
上映时间 (Shàngyìng shíjiān) Release Date: July 29th

Boa, a little girl of second generation wealth, encounters two kidnappers in her mansion when her parents are away. Her only choice is to join up with a maid and a group of friends to fight the criminals in a battle of wits and courage.

3.《勇士之门》(Yǒngshì zhī mén) The Warriors Gate
HSK 3 quiz
上映时间 (Shàngyìng shíjiān) Release Date: August 5th

A teenager is magically transported to China and learns to convert his video game skills into those of a “功夫 (gōngfu) Kung Fu” warrior.

HSK 3 quiz

1. What does the word “暑期 (shǔqī)” mean?
A. summer movie
B. summer break
C. summer
D. summer activities

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