Chinese Character: 龙 (lóng) Dragon

We already know that this year is the Year of the Dragon. The dragon has become a symbol of Chinese culture and impacts almost every other aspect of society in China. From a traditional viewpoint, the dragon stands for positive elements in life, such as riches, success, power and so on.

If you were born in the Year of Dragon, people often believe you’ll have a good future. With all of its influence and generally positive aura, don’t you think it would be fitting to know how to write the Chinese character for dragon? Today we’ll learn together.

拼音 (pīnyīn) pinyin: lóng笔画 (bǐhuà) number of strokes: 5部首 (bùshǒu) Radical: 龙

笔顺 (bǐshùn) stroke order:

词源 (cíyuán) Etymology: In China, “龙” is a magical creature formed by combining nine other animals. It has the power to fly, expertly swim and show many other abilities at its whim. The “龙” didn’t actually exist, but was instead forged in ancient times from collections of inscriptions on oracle bones. We can now see how the simplified character “龙” gradually evolved from the character below.

常用词语 (chángyòng cíyǔ) Frequently-used words or phrases:

龙年 (Lóngnián) the Year of Dragon

属龙 (shǔ lóng ) the term for one whose zodiac sign is the dragon

跑龙套 (pǎolóngtào) to play a small role


     Nǐ shǔ shénme?
Jon: 你 属  什么?
What’s your Chinese zodiac sign?

     Wǒ shǔ lóng.
Lily: 我  属  龙。
My Chinese zodiac sign is the dragon.

Zhù nǐ Lóngnián kuàilè.
祝   你  龙年         快乐。
I wish you “Happy New Year of the Dragon!”

Zài zhè bù diànyǐng lǐ, tā zhǐ shì ge pǎolóngtào de.
在   这   部   电影    里,他只  是  个   跑龙套      的。
In this film, he only played a small role.

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  1. Ni hao dear,
    龙 This is not only one character. These are 5 characters but when i copy this it copied as only one character why so?.
    I need 龙 this word in four or five characters. Please write it here or mail me.

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