A 14-Year-Old Teen’s Journey of Learning Mandarin: From Scratch to Fluency

Today I’d like to share the experience of a child learning Chinese at eChineseLearning:

John, a 14-year-old from Los Angeles, USA, comes from a non-Chinese background but has a strong interest in Chinese culture. John’s first exposure to Chinese culture was at an international cultural exhibition held at his school. He was deeply fascinated by the traditional Chinese artworks, music, and dance showcased at the exhibition. He developed a strong interest in these unique and exquisite art forms.

As time went on, John took the initiative to learn Chinese. His parents fully supported his interest and arranged for a private tutor specializing in Chinese language and culture from eChineseLearning. Every week, John had Chinese lessons with his tutor. The tutor would assess his Chinese proficiency and customize the lessons to target his weak areas. They would learn Chinese characters, pronunciation, and basic conversational skills together.

Over time, with the help of his tutor, John made great progress in his Chinese language skills. He started using chatting app to communicate with native Chinese speakers during his free time. Through learning Chinese, John gradually opened a door to the world of Chinese culture. He began studying Chinese geography, learning about different provinces and famous landmarks in China. He also learned about traditional Chinese festivals such as the Spring Festival and Mid-Autumn Festival. As his understanding of Chinese culture deepened, John’s love for China grew stronger.

He decided to travel to China to experience the culture firsthand. During his trip, he visited the Forbidden City and the Great Wall in Beijing, tasted various delicacies, and tried to order meals and take taxis in Chinese. He could easily accomplish these tasks using basic Chinese. Through his passion for Chinese culture and his efforts in learning the language, John not only broadened his horizons but also developed his intercultural communication skills.

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