Celebrate Children’s Day with This Wonderful Classic Song in Chinese

Tina is a 6-year-old girl in New York who is preparing for her school’s Children’s Day performance recently. She is eager to show her classmates what she has learned in Chinese and wants to have a great time with her friends. So we made a video to teach her a Chinese children’s song that she can sing it with her friends on this special day.

children's day

This song is called The More We Get Together that many children enjoy singing with their friends at school as well as at home. It can be a fantastic tool for practicing Chinese since we’ve included the pinyin of the lyrics. The tune is catchy and easy to remember while the vocabulary is basic yet useful for building a foundation in Chinese speaking.
The history of this song is interesting as well. Many children have grown up clapping and joyfully singing along to this song in particular since it is a British and American traditional tune from the 18th and 19th centuries. The phrase “The more we get together, the happier we’ll be!” is so well-known that many children can’t help but join in when the song is sung aloud.
Getting children together for play dates and opportunities to socialize and make strong relationships is what this classic nursery rhyme is all about so sing this song in Chinese to learn how to make Chinese friends!
Show the lyrics and a music video to kids so they could hear the tune for the song and get a feel for how to sing it using Chinese.

Dānɡ wǒmen tónɡ zài yìqǐ
当  我们  同 在 一起
The More We Get Together

Dānɡ wǒmen tónɡ zài yìqǐ, zài yìqǐ, zài yìqǐ.
当  我们  同 在 一起,在 一起,在 一起。
The more we get together, together, together.
Dānɡ wǒmen tónɡ zài yìqǐ, qí kuàilè wúbǐ.
当  我们  同 在 一起,其 快乐 无比。
The more we get together, the happier we’ll be.
Nǐ duì zhe wǒ xiàoxīxī, wǒ duì zhe nǐ xiàohāhā.
你 对 着 我 笑嘻嘻,我 对 着 你 笑哈哈。
You smile at me, I smile at you.
Dānɡ wǒmen tónɡ zài yìqǐ, qí kuàilè wúbǐ.
当  我们  同 在 一起,其 快乐 无比。
The more we get together, the happier we’ll be.

children's day

There are key phrases and words to focus on in this song that you can add to your flash card deck to practice in everyday conversation. Today’s focus words includes the following:

Example sentence:
Bǎochí wēixiào.
保持 微笑。
Keep on smiling.

zài yìqǐ
在 一起

Example sentence:
Wǒmen huì yǒngyuǎn zài yìqǐ.
我们  会 永远  在 一起。
We will be together forever.


Example sentence:
Wǒ hěn kuàilè.
我 很 快乐。
I am very happy.

These words are fantastic beginner words and can be learned even faster when sung in a song. Notice how quickly they are memorized when they are accompanied by a tune!
We hope your child has a very special Children’s Day filled with smiles and laughter. If you have any songs your child would like to learn in Chinese, let us know!

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