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General Chinese

eChineseLearning provides a huge number of Chinese resources for Chinese language learners. The materials in this section are designed to teach Chinese to non-native Chinese learners of various skill levels. These basic Chinese language materials are edited by eChineseLearning's professional teaching staff. And best of all, they are totally FREE! If you are interested in learning Chinese, the basic Chinese language resources in this section will be of a great use to you!

Vanna from Sydney recently told us that it was a good break since kids are no longer engaged in online model at home. After many countries removed their restrictions, parents and children have returned to work and school, yet it noticeably has taken everyone some extra effort to become readjusted. Parents have noted resistance from ...

It’s almost summer time in China. Many Chinese would go out to enjoy great food with family or friends at night. One of the most popular choices is “shāo kǎo(烧烤)”, Chinese barbecue, a kind of food that belongs to the night.

烧烤 (Shāo kǎo): n. Barbecue

Zhōng guó de shāo kǎo hěn bàng.
中      ...

Rachel from New York recently told us that her daughter Nancy sang a Chinese song to her: “Shì shànɡ zhǐ yǒu mā ma hǎo, yǒu mā de hái zi xiànɡ kuài bǎo. (世上只有妈妈好,有妈的孩子像块宝。)” After understanding the meaning of the lyrics, the mother was surprised and so moved. It turned out that because Mother’s Day was ...

Meals and banquets are an important aspect of doing business in China, where they are used to form business deals, build relationships and show respect. That’s why people always say that “It’s at the business dinner table that business would actually be discussed.”
Given the hierarchical nature and business culture of Chinese, business etiquette at the ...

Can you rearrange the words below to form correct sentences?
This is a good way to enhance your Chinese language ability.

Let’s give it a try!

Past Exam Question Practice

  fēi chánɡ      hé       tánɡ        tián       nà
1. A. 非 常      B. 盒 ...

Nǐ xǐ huan kàn diàn yǐng ma? (你喜欢看电影吗?) Do you like watching films? Today I will introduce some movies suitable for learning Chinese as well as some useful words and phrases to talk about them.

Key Vocabulary
1. Diàn yǐng (电影) Movie/film

2. Nán yǎn yuán (男演员) Actor

3. Nǚ yǎn yuán (女演员) Actress


Every year citizens around the world get the option to celebrate International Workers’ Day, also known as Labour Day or May Day, by relaxing. Those who put in the time at work can look back at all the sacrifices they’ve made, all of the meetings, hard days, demotions, perhaps promotions, and everything that comes with ...

Victor has been learning Chinese for more than five years, and he’s quite proud of his Chinese. But he failed an exam recently with only one question on the test paper: Please explain each “意思 (yì si)” in the dialogue (The answer can be found at the end of the article).

zhāng lěi gěi lǐng dǎo ...

April 23rd is World Book Day. On this day 406 years ago, two of the world’s great literary figures, Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra and William Shakespeare, passed away. Thus, it was a natural choice for the United Nations General Assembly to pay a worldwide tribute to books and their authors on April 23rd. This is to ...

If you turn on a popular Chinese TV show or watch a movie, you may find that you can’t understand them completely even if you have passed the most difficult level of HSK. It’s probably because the actors and actresses speak tons of Chinese slang phrases.
Slangs can be complicated to learn because they’re quite informal, ...

China is well known for having what seems like innumerable holidays and festivals because of its rich and long history. We have another one for you to learn about, but this one is much more recent. On April 20, 2010, UNESCO (a United Nations agency) established Chinese Language Day to commemorate Chinese as one of ...

It’s not uncommon to ponder the differences between the school systems in the West and China when both parts of the world have their own specialties and struggles. For instance, China has a reputation for churning out math whizzes in schools while the West is known for promoting critical thinking skills. So are the education ...

Did you know the first nail polish was invented in China in 3000 BC by mixing egg whites, beeswax, gum, and colored powder? Makeup in China has been popular over the centuries. Especially the whitening face powder that survived in China while tanning was popularised in other countries thanks to Coco Chanel! Are you willing ...

Today is Tomb-Sweeping Day, a traditional Chinese festival that has moments of solemnity during tomb-sweeping and ancestor worship, yet it is a joyful occasion for parents and children as they can get close to nature amongst the greenery and enjoy spring together. Tomb-Sweeping Day falls around April 5th of the Gregorian calendar. This time of ...

When you think of going for a stroll in the park, what comes to mind – birds singing? a gentle breeze blowing? swathes of greenery punctuated by plots of brightly colored flowers?
If you’re walking through a park in China, you’ll get all of that… along with a few surprises older generations have waiting for you. ...

What’s more than 2,500 years old but still applied to strategy and planning for great success in business, politics, and international diplomacy to this day? Well, the “三十六计 (sān shí liù jì) 36 ancient Chinese strategies” and their theories, of course! If you read How to Apply 36 Chinese Stratagems to Business this ...

Children best learn language by absorbing new sounds, tones, and rhythms. This is easily accomplished by exposing them to a show in their target language, but only after they’ve already built a language foundation through real-life interactions with caring and attentive adults. Once your child has been exposed to Chinese and has a handle on ...

Have you heard that the number 4 is unlucky in Chinese? Well, considering we’re giving you 4 new slang expressions to try out, looks like today is actually your lucky day!

1. Carrying the Black Pot
In English, we have the expression “to be thrown under the bus” or “be made a scapegoat”. A scapegoat in Chinese ...

Going to train at a new gym can be intimidating. So we can only imagine what it’s like if you are going to a new gym in a new country. Let’s say you are planning on living or working in China in the future but want to also stay in shape. You’re going to want ...

Kids like to be involved in traditions, routines, and ceremonies that they see their parents participate in so when we realized how much our children enjoy this particular activity, we just had to share. In Chinese culture tea plays a significant role in everyday life. One small aspect of preparing tea is to pour a ...

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