Business Greetings (Beginner)

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Learn greetings in the business world.

课文 Text :
Nínhăo,  wŏ jiào Jency.
A: 您 好 ,  我  叫 Jency.
   Hello, my name is Jency.
Nínhăo,  wŏ jiào Glen.
B: 您 好 ,  我  叫 Glen.
   Hello, my name is Glen
Hĕn gāoxìng rènshí nín, xīwàng yĭhòu hé zuò yú kuài.
A: 很     高兴     认识   您 ,希望    以后 合  作   愉  快 。
   Nice to meet you, hope we can have a good cooperation in the future.

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