Avoiding Exact Answers with “左右(zuǒyòu)” and “大概(dàgài)”

The difference between '左右(zuǒyòu)' and '大概(dàgài)'

Do you know the difference between “左右(zuǒyòu)” and “大概(dàgài)?” Give this test a try!
Tā kànqǐlái sānshísuì _____.
他 看起来     三十岁_____。
He looks about 30 years old.
Tā kànqǐlái _____ sānshísuì.
他 看起来   _____   三十岁。
He looks nearly 30 years old.
A. 左右(zuǒyòu); 大概(dàgài)

B. 大概(dàgài); 左右(zuǒyòu)

C. 大概(dàgài); 大概(dàgài)

D. 左右(zuǒyòu); 左右(zuǒyòu)

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